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The Early Days (1972 - 1991)

This takes us back to the year after we started the radio station in 1972. Here are promotional sweeps for our former DJs Vince Koza and the Big O!

Here is Bob Long at the ballon ride during the annual Randolph Fair!

Join Doug Wight and listen to some Robert Plant back in the day!

Here are some ID's, Drops, and Sweeps produced by Dave Nicholas.

More IDs from Dave Nicholas!

Let's hear some old staff members wish you all some happy holidays!

91.5 / 88.9 V-ROCK (1991 - 1999)

Streetsboro, like burrito?

Here is Munky (James Shaffer) from KoRn trying to pronounce Streetsboro...

Here is Wendell Neeley with the Saturday night with the "Classic Metal Show"!

Back in 1997 we were now 88.9 V-ROCK. One of our DJs , Lil John taped his show. Give it a listen and compare what we were to now!

Let's listen to find out what was the most requested song that year and to hear Bob Long talk the infamous fish drop!

Here is Rick Gilmore of WTAM 1100AM interviewing Mike Kuhstos on the aftermath of Spring Mosh '99.

The Alternation ('99 - Present Day)

Here's Egor Cravenco playing a good ol' April Fools prank on our audicance, making them thing the station has been sold to the Russians!

Eight years after Egor, Grzegorz Siwik made an April Fools show based off the '05 show. Listen here for this fans reaction to the station getting "sold to the polish"? 

The Sunday Oldies Jukebox ('97 - Present Day)

Bo Diddley '04

Here is Bo Diddley!

Former member of the Sunday Oldies Jukebox, John F.,  shares his demo tape from his time as an On-Air Personality.

Former General Manager, Network Technician, and founder of the Sunday Oldies Jukebox, William Weisinger (Uncle Bill) interviews the creator of the WMMS Buzzard, John Gorman!

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