WSTB Alumni Association

If you or someone you know was a staff member of WSTB, you or they should join the WSTB Alumni Association! This program was created by Assistant General Manager, Corey Teuton, in order for former staffers to still stay in the loop with the station, and look back on some cool historical events.

You can either donate online by clicking one of the boxes below on the page or you can mail a check by printing out this document HERE 

The money that is generated from these donations will be put towards the same station you helped develop. With your support, we will be creating graduation signs for our seniors, establishing an annual scholarship, and much more!

Our goal is to create a community for our former staff members so they can still know what is happening with the same radio station that has influenced each one of them.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email

This free membership entitles you to receive the monthly newsletter keeping you up to date on current events, and taking you down memory lane. Click the image to fill out the google form and join!

This is a one time payment of $25 with the same newsletter as the basic membership, along with A WSTB bottle opener keychain, an alumni sticker, and a lifetime membership card. Click the image to donate and become a lifetime member!

Although this is not a membership, you are able to donate any amount of money. If you are eligible, haven't already purchased a lifetime membership, and donate more than the $25, then you would also receive the lifetime membership and the premiums included. Click the image to donate!

If you would like to become a lifetime member or send in an open donation, then click the mail to open and print out the document and mail it along with your check to the address stated in the document.

Click the logo to follow us on that platform, or search "wstbalumni" to stay updated informed on there too!

By joining as a member of the WSTB Alumni Association, you are able to stay in touch with us, especially if you would like attend one of our anniversaries we hold every 5 years! Look below to see photos from past anniversaries!

50th Anniversary Celebration of WSTB - July 10th, 2022

45th Anniversary Celebration of WSTB - 2017

40th Anniversary Celebration of WSTB - 2012

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