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1. Slaves- I'D Rather See Your Star Explode

2. Cemetary Suns- Sleeping It Off

3. Cemetary Suns- E.Y.T.Y.K

4. Cemetary Suns- Fake Love

5. Imagine Dragons- Believer

6. Falling In Reverse- Loser

7. Avenged Sevenfold- Damn

8. Tropidelic- Ideal

9. The Brothers Band- Borrowed Time Master

10. Titans In Time- Lie To Me

11. Avita- The Eagle Has Landed

12. Cage The Elephant- Come A Little Closer

13. Set It Off- I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

14. Elantris (Black-Thorne)- Captivate

15. The Fifth Wheel- Wolf In Sheeps Skin
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