Membership Level Rewards

Basic Citizen; $20.00:
This is a basic level membership for those who want to help out "The Nation", but are overwhelmed currently with other expenses. This level will get you an Alternation Green Card showing that you are a Citizen of the Nation, a sticker, and a stylish Alternation Lanyard however you will not be eligible to win tickets or prizes. We thank you for your support!

Patriot; $35.00:
The Patriot support level includes your Citizenship Card, sticker, the Alternation Lanyard, and makes you eligible for at least one pair of tickets and prizes. As a bonus you also receive our new smart phone wallet that you can put stuff in, and attach to the back of your phone, and a cool black knit Alternation summer beanie!

Super Citizen; $75.00:
The Super Citizen support level includes your all the previous rewards, and allows you to be eligible for at least one pair of tickets and prizes, as well as a electric green Alternation t-shirt with the newly designed Mad Cow Logo on the back!

Honored Citizen; $125.00:
At the Honored Citizen support level you get all of the previously cool rewards, as well as a lovely 28 ounce translucent green Alternation sports water bottle eligibility for at least one pair of tickets and prizes. What a deal!

Other Donations:
Premiums at this level are the same of those of the level just passed. So, if you donate $100, your premiums are the same as the $75 level, etc. Be sure to check out all of our levels so that you can get the premiums you want.

Here is a picture of all the great prizes you can get from your donation!
Sorry for our model, he doesn't know how to smile properly

Premiums Premiums

The left picture shows the front of The Alternation t-shirt, the sports water bottle in the model's hand
and the phone wallet on a phone, in the other hand. A phone is not included with the phone wallet
and on top of the model's head sits The Alternation Beanie.

The Right picture shows the logo on the back of the t-shirt
This logo is also on The Phone Wallet, The Alternation Beanie, and the Water Bottle

Business Donations:
If you're a business Donator, select the "Business Donor" button instead of the other buttons to get your business in the running to win: "Top Business Donor". If your business donates the most to support The Alternation, you will receive a continental breakfast, for up to twenty people. This will be delivered to your business in Portage, or Summit County, at a date agreeable to all. Donuts, fresh fruit, muffins, bagels, coffee, and juice will be served by members of the Alternation Staff.

Top Donator Rules:
Here is a PDF file which has information about becoming a top donor. Whether you're going for overall top donor, top business donator, or top donator for today. Make sure you read up, so that you are following the rules.
Contest Rules

Here are the two items you can pick between if you're the top donator of the day!
Please see the Contest Rules for information on how you can get either of these rewards

Top Donator Prize

MH510 Headphones on the left some in two color, the red and white, that you see, and completely black

U37SE Microphones come in three designs, candy (as seen), black, and finally camo!